Versatile Solution for OST to PST Conversion

Windows and Mac are the world’s two most popular Operating Systems. But due to different internal structures the tools developed for one cannot be used on the other. Therefore, tasks like email migration and all the functionalities related to it become very hard to manage. The user needs to download two different tools for two different platforms.

OST to PST Conversion tool

OST and PST files have been around for a bit now and their conversion has been a problem that had many different solutions but not a satisfactory one.

There have been many tools available in the markets that have tried to provide a solution to this problem but something was always lacking.

Other converters that are used by the consumers sometimes end up damaging or corrupting the data and sometimes even modifying it. Since data is the most important resource in this digital world, the result of its corruption or loss can be disastrous.

USL software came up with the solution to this problem. They created OST EXTRACTOR PRO, the ultimate tool for converting OST files into PST.


OST EXTRACTOR PRO is a multipurpose tool that was created by USL software that touches every front there is in the field of OST to PST conversion.

The tool started from the grass root level by solving the problem associated with the ease of use of the tool. Many tools out there in the market not only perform below expectations but also are very hard to operate. In the quest of boasting their features, many tools out there have an overwhelming interface that is harder for user to user than the conversion itself.

ost to pst conversion

So, OST EXTRACTOR PRO came up with a free flowing, easy to use intuitive interface that hid the unnecessary functionalities making its usage very easy. It’s all just point and click and even a first time user can use it like a master.

One of the major features that makes OST EXTRACTOR PRO such a great tool is its availability on different platforms. It is available for both Windows and MAC. This reduces the time and effort that the user wastes on learning two different tools for two different platforms that provides the same functionality.

It also provides the user with the option of converting the OST file into a different number of files like Thunderbird, MBOX etc.

With all those features comes a powerful and up to date core of the tool. OST EXTRACTOR PRO runs on the latest algorithms and cutting edge technologies, with the help of which it provides its user with a guaranteed 100% successful conversion rate.

The accuracy alone makes the tool a standout performer. But the speed it provides with such accuracy makes it stand in a different league altogether.

The tool is an all-rounder in every aspect be it accuracy or portability, so stop wasting your time in searching for a new tool every time you use a new platform. OST EXTRACTOR PRO is the answer to all your problems. So download the FREE trial today and bid farewell to your problems.


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